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Transcriptions Page Updates For March 2016:
Rick Margitza's solo on "Cry Me A River"
Danny Walsh solo excerpt on "Cold Duck Time"
Bob Berg's solo on "Games" Live!!
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown's solo excerpt on "Straight No Chaser" 
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown plays 8 choruses of blues with metronome

Transcriptions Page Updates For March 2016:
Sonny Rollins solo on "It Don't Mean A Thing"

Transcriptions Page Updates For April 2016:
Grover Washington Jr. solo on "Summertime"
Bob Mintzer solo on "You and the Night and the Music"

Here they are!!! 

Most of these solos can be found on recordings that are still available (check iTunes or do a web search) but I do know that a few of the recordings are either hard to find or out of print. Also, I've started to transcribe some solos off of various YouTube videos. When that is the case, next to the transcription link there will be a link for the video. On a few occasions the solo was taken from a bootleg recording, links to the audio can be found next to the transcription link also.

If you have older versions of some of these solos check the "updated" date to see if a newer version has been posted since your last download. I've read through all of my old transcriptions and made my own corrections. Sometimes only 1 note needed to be changed other solos needed a little more work. I'm sure many who have downloaded these transcription have made their own corrections but if you haven't you can find a better copy here. New solos will have "NEW" next to them.

This website has grown in popularity way beyond what I had imagined, and for that "I thank all of you." Please keep in mind that this isn't a transcription service. These are all solos that I have transcribed for my own benefit. I get requests all the time to transcribe a particular solo but I'm sorry, that's not really where my interest lay right now.

Thanks again...

Pepper Adams: 2 solos
Cindy's Tune

Cannonball Adderley: 14 solos 
A Little Taste [updated 10-24-2010]
Congo Mulence
Ease It [updated 11-11-2010]
Groovin' High [updated 11-11-2010]
Hurricane Connie [updated 10-24-2010]
I'll Remember April (radio performance)
Never Will I Marry 
The Song Is You [updated 11-11-2010]
Unit 7 [updated 10-24-2010]
Val's Blues
With Apologies To Oscar [updated 10-24-2010]

Eric Alexander: 8 solos
[updated 10-24-2010]
Swedish Schnapps [updated 11-9-2010] 
You'll See [updated 11-9-2010]

Harry Allen: 2 solos
Four Brothers [updated 10-24-2010]

Gene Ammons: 5 solos
Scrapple From The Apple [updated 10-24-2010]

Stefano di Battista: 2 solos
Confirmation [updated 11-19-2010]
Bob Berg: 12 solos
Blue Goo [updated 10-24-2010]
Giant Steps [updated 10-24-2010]
Humpty Dumpty 
Jazz Lament
Loose Ends [Video solo starts at 6:03]
Oleo [updated 10-27-2010]

Jerry Bergonzi: 3 solos
Caravan [updated 10-24-2010]
I Wish I Knew
You're My Everything

Seamus Blake: 1 solo
Devil May Care

Ralph Bowen: 1 solo
Thru Traffic [updated 11-42-2010]

Michael Brecker: 15 solos
Autumn Leaves [Video] [updated 3-28-2011]
Confirmation [updated 10-24-2010]
Gregory Is Here [updated 11-10-2010]
Pools [updated 11-4-2010]
Suspone [updated 10-24-2010]
Suspone [Bootleg] [Video]
[updated 10-24-2010]
(Out of print CD)   

Kenny Brooks: 1 solo
Too Much Romance [updated 11-18-2010]

Tina Brooks: 2 solos
All Or Nothing At All [updated 10-24-2010]
Star Eyes

Chad Lefkowitz-Brown: (2 solos)
8 Blues choruses with metronome NEW
Straight, No Chaser (excerpt) NEW [updated 3-22-2016]

Don Byas: 1 solo

Gary Campbell: 1 solo

Benny Carter:
1 solo
Honeysuckle Rose

Pete Christlieb: 1 solo

Emanuele Cisi: 2 solos 
A Weaver Of Dreams

James Clay: 1 solo
Three Fingers North (out of print) 

Arnett Cobb: 2 solos
Al Cohn: 3 solos
Zoot Case (out of print) 

George Coleman: 5 solos
All Blues [updated 11-19-2010]
Seven Steps To Heaven [updated 10-24-2010]

John Coltrane: 14 solos
All The Things You Are [updated 11-9-2010]
CTA [updated 10-24-2010]
Freight Trane
[updated 10-28-2010]
Groove Blues (John Coltrane on Alto Sax)
I Never Knew [updated 11-9-2010]
No Better For You
On A Misty Night [updated 11-9-2010]
Slowtrane [updated 11-9-2010]
Some Other Blues
The Theme [updated 10-24-2010]
You Say You Care [updated 10-24-2010]

Ravi Coltrane: 1 solo
This I Dig Of You

Junior Cook: 6 solos
Fungii Mama [updated 11-9-2010]

Hank Crawford: 1 solo

Sonny Criss: 2 solos

Eric Crystal: 1 solo

Eddie Daniels: 1 solo

Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis: 3 solos

Jesse Davis: 4 solos
I Hear A Rhapsody [updated 11-14-2010]
On A Misty Night [updated 10-24-2010]

Paul Desmond: 4 solos
Easy Living [updated 11-14-2010]
Everything Happens To Me [updated 10-24-2010]

Lou Donaldson: 10 solos
An Untitled Blues [updated 10-29-2010]
If I Love Again [updated 11-11-2010]
It's You Or No One [updated 10-24-2010]

Teddy Edwards: 1 solo
Teddy's Tune

Booker Ervin: 1 solo
All The Things You Are

Brandon Fields: 1 solo
I'll Remember...

Jimmy Forrest: 2 solos

Frank Foster: 1 solo
Blues For Benny [updated 11-18-2010]

Joel Frahm: 4 solos
Get Happy [updated 10-24-2010] 
Giant Steps-YouTube  

Tim Garland: 1 solo
Au Privave [Video] (formerly "Now's The Time")[updated 4-3-2011, wrong title]

Kenny Garrett: 5 solos
Girls And Boys [updated 11-10-2010]
Little Melonae [updated 11-10-2010]
Not You Again [updated 10-25-2010]
One Finger Snap [updated 11-10-2010]

George Garzone: 1 solo

Stan Getz: 9 solos
Apple Jam [updated 11-12-2010]
Move [updated 11-6-2010]
My Ideal [updated 11-13-2010]
Potter's Luck [updated 11-13-2010]
Seven Steps To Heaven [updated 10-24-2010]
Stuffy (out of print) 
Yardbird Suite 

Rosario Giuliani: 2 solos
Dear Tucci [updated 10-25-2010]

Benny Golson: 1 solo

Paul Gonsalves: 1 solo

Dexter Gordon: 17 solos
Blowin' For Dootsie [updated 11-18-2010]
Driftin' [updated 11-12-2010]
I Want More [updated 11-12-2010]
I Want More (From a 1964 video performance)
Number 4 [updated 10-25-2010]
Red Cross [updated 4-25-2011]
You Don't Know What Love Is [updated 10-25-2010]
You've Changed [updated 10-25-2010]

Dino Govoni: 1 solo

Wardell Gray: 12 solos
Blue Gray (take b) [updated 11-11-2010]
In A Pinch [updated 11-11-2010]
Jackie [updated 10-27-2010]
Scrapple From The Apple [updated 10-24-2010]
Sugar Hill Bop
Twisted [updated 10-25-2010]

Bunky Green:
1 solo
Step High

Johnny Griffin: 4 solos
The Boy Next Door [updated 11-18-2010]

Steve Grossman: 4 solos
Oleo [out of print] 
There Will Never Be Another You [updated 10-25-2010]

Gigi Gryce: 2 solos

Scott Hamilton: 2 solos

Billy Harper: 1 solo

Antonio Hart: 2 solos
Work Song [out of print] 

Coleman Hawkins: 1 solo
While We're Young [updated 10-25-2010]

Tubby Hayes: 3 solos

Jimmy Heath: 4 solos
The Head [updated 11-12-2010]

Vincent Herring: 9 solos
Big "P" [updated 11-11-2010]
Easy To Love
Folklore [updated 10-25-2010]
Just Squeeze Me [updated 10-25-2010]
Love For Sale [updated 11-11-2010]
Minority [updated 11-11-2010]
Stolen Moments [Video]

Steve Heckman: 1 solo
Body And Soul [updated 11-18-2010]

Joe Henderson: 3 solos
Solid [updated 11-18-2010]
Take The 'A' Train [updated 10-28-2010]

Nigel Hitchcock: 1 solo
Wail [updated 11-4-2010]

Red Holloway: 1 solo

Chris Hunter: 2 solos

Fred Jackson: 1 solo
Swinging At Sugar Rays [updated 11-4-2010]

Javon Jackson: 1 solo

Willis Jackson: 3 solos
Broadway (out of print) 
Illinios Jacquet: 1 solo
Our Delight [updated 11-4-2010]

Bobby Jaspar: 2 solos
Milestones (out of print) 
Naptown U.S.A

John Jenkins: 1 solo

Clifford Jordan: 1 solo

Richie Kamuca: 4 solos
A Gal In Calico
Early Bird

Rick Keller: 1 solo

Lee Konitz: 1 solo
I Remember You

Harold Land: 9 solos
Blue Nellie
Blues Walk [updated 10-25-2010]
Joy Spring [updated 10-28-2010]

Brad Leali: 2 solos

Jed Levy: 1 solo
Segment [updated 10-28-2010]

Joe Lovano: 1 solo
Blues On The Corner

Neamen Lyles: 1 solo

Bob Malach: 2 solos
Help The Poor
Moment's Notice (Out Of Print CD)   

Rick Margitza: 4 solos
Blues For The Front Line (CD Not Available in USA)(updated 1-2-2013) 
Cry Me A River NEW
Love For Sale [updated 10-24-2010]

Charlie Mariano: 1 solo

Eric Marienthal: 1 solo

Branford Marsalis: 2 solos

Warne Marsh: 1 solo

Marshall McDonald (Marshall's Website): 1 solo
In Your Own Sweet Way  

Charles McPherson: 3 solos
The Good Life

Hal McKusick: 1 solo

Jackie McLean: 7 solos
Embraceable You [updated 11-14-2010]
Most Like Lee [updated 11-14-2010]
Our Love Is Here To Stay 
[updated 11/29/2012]

Bob Mintzer:  6 solos
The Chicken
Impressions [Video]
Runferyerlife [updated 10-24-2010]
The Song Is You [updated 11-18-2010]

Hank Mobley: 21 solos
Advance Notion (formerly Advance Notice) [updated 10-24-2010]
Bootin' It [updated 10-25-2010]
Blues Number Two
Cool Eyes [updated 11-11-2010]
Falling In Love With Love
Funk In Deep Freeze [updated 11-3-2010]
Pennies From Heaven [updated 11-11-2010]
Senor Blues [updated 11-11-2010]
Someday My Prince Will Come [updated 11-11-2010]
Tune Up [updated 11-11-2010]

J.R. Monterose: 3 solos
Blues Elegantè

Jack Montrose: 1 solo

James Moody: 4 solos
Indiana [updated 11-14-2010]
Lester Leaps In [updated 11-14-2010]

Brew Moore: 2 solos

Ralph Moore: 7 solos
All The Things You Are [updated 10-24-2010]
Monk's Dream [updated 10-24-2010]

Frank Morgan: 2 solos

Gerry Mulligan: 1 solo

David 'Fathead' Newman: 4 solos
Sweet Eyes [updated 11-18-2010]

Lennie Niehaus: 1 solo

Sal Nistico: 3 solos
Au Privave [updated 11-13-2010]

Dick Oatts: 1 solo
Bohemia After Dark [Video]

Keith Oxman: 2 solos
Idaho [updated 11-11-2010]

Charlie Parker: 9 solos
Ornithology[updated 11-4-2010]

Leo Parker: 1 solo
Eb Pob

Cecil Payne:
1 solo
Groovin' High

Art Pepper: 3 solos

Billy Pierce: 1 solo

Chris Potter: 5 solos
Amsterdam Blues [updated 11-11-2010]

Sonny Red: 3 solos
All I Do Is Dream Of You (Out Of Print CD) 
The Rhythm Thing [updated 3-28-2012]

Joshua Redman: 3 solos
Just You, Just Me
So Danco Samba (Out Of Print CD) 

Spike Robinson: 1 solo

Sonny Rollins: 11 solos
I'll Take Romance (formerly 'Confab In Tempo') [updated 4-25-2011]
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Thing) NEW
Pent-Up House [updated 10-24-2010]
The Way You Look Tonight [updated 11-11-2010]
You Stepped Out Of A Dream [updated 11-3-2010]

Charlie Rouse: 2 solos
Samba De Orfeu [updated 11-11-2010]
Upptankt [updated 10-24-2010]

Karel Ruzicka Jr.: 1 solo
Bye Bye Baby

Gene Quill: 1 solo
The Preacher

David Sanborn: 3 solo
Tin Tin Deo [updated 11-19-2010]

David Sanchez: 1 solo
Little Melonae

Bud Shank: 1 solo 
Theme (Blues)

Larry Schneider: 2 solos
Bob Sheppard: 1 solo

Wayne Shorter: 6 solos   
Arietis [updated 11-3-2010]
Backstage Sally
I Hear A Rhapsody
Mack The Knife

David Sills: 1 solo
Down The Line [updated 11-12-2010]

Zoot Sims: 4 solos
Cindy's Tune

Gone With The Wind
It's Only A Paper Moon

Walter Smith III:
1 solo

Jim Snidero: 1 solo

Andy Snitzer: 2 solos
Blue Train [updated 11-18-2010]

Andrew Speight: 1 solo
Tell Me [updated 11-14-2010]

Dick Spencer: 1 solo
Ow! [updated 10-25-2010]

Chris Stewart: 1 solo

Grant Stewart: 3 solos
Sonny Stitt: 14 solos
Alone Together (Alto Sax)
Dizzy Meets Sonny [updated 10-24-2010]
Norman's Blues [updated 11-11-2010]
Splinter [updated 11-11-2010]
Stardust [updated 11-11-2010]
Third Song [updated 11-11-2010]
Tour De Force [updated 11-11-2010]

Frank Strozier: 1 solo

Gary Thomas: 1 solo
Donna Lee [updated 11-9-2010]

Lucky Thompson: 1 solo
Have You Met Miss Jones [updated 11-19-2010]

Billy Tolles: 1 solo

Stanley Turrentine: 11 solos
Look Out [updated 10-24-2010]
On The Sunny Side Of The Street [updated 11-14-2010]
Without A Song [updated 11-3-2010]

Phil Urso: 1 solo

David Carlos Valdez (David's Website/Blog): 1 solo
I'll Take Romance 

Danny Walsh: 3 solos
Cold Duck Time NEW
Giant Steps [Video]

Tim Warfield: 1 solo
Zigaboogaloo [updated 11-11-2010]

Grover Washington Jr: 2 solo
Summertime NEW

Sadao Watanabe: 1 solo

Doug Webb: 1 solo

Ben Webster: 2 solos
Our Love Is Here To Stay

Walt Weiskopf: 2 solos

Don Wilkerson: 2 solos

Phil Woods: 13 solos
All The Things You Are [updated 11-19-2010]
Lemon Drop [updated 10-29-2010]
Milestone [updated 10-24-2010]
Shaw 'Nuff [updated 10-24-2010]
Solar [updated 11-14-2010]
Walkin' Shoes [updated 11-14-2010]

Rickey Woodard: 4 Solos
My Shining Hour [updated 11-1-2010]
On The Sunny Side Of The Street [updated 11-14-2010] 

Lester Young: 3 solos
Just You, Just Me [updated 10-24-2010]
The Man I Love [updated 11-18-2010]
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