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Here's a couple of workbooks to help you get some things under your fingers. The first PDF file will help get your fingers moving around common shapes that you'll encounter whether reading jazz or improvising. The 2nd PDF is full of 1 bar resolutions from the V7 to a I Major chord. This is a VERY common progression and the sooner you master it the better you'll be equipped to handle tons of improvising situations.


Here are 2 PDF books that contain 48 Sonny Stitt transcriptions done by fellow saxophonist Keith Oxman. Keith lives in Colorado Springs and is a "Monster" saxophonist. Check out his CD's which can be purchased from iTunes.

Also, if you get the chance, drop Keith an email just to say thank you. I know he'll appreciate it.


List of CDs where solos can be found.



Here's a Etude written by Los Angeles woodwind specialist, Dan Higgins, over the chord changes to "Giant Steps" for you Saxophonist to shed on. There are a few places where you'll need to make octave adjustments in the "Eb" version. When I get a moment I'll transpose this for "Concert" instruments. 


Dan Higgins "Giant Steps" Etude (Eb)
Dan Higgins "Giant Steps" Etude (Bb)
Dan Higgins "Giant Steps" Etude (Concert)

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