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Finally, I'm back!!! After a long hiatus I've recently updated this website with a new layout and new transcriptions. Hope you enjoy!

  I'm living in Las Vegas now and since I haven't started to gig that much I'm spending a lot of time practicing and transcribing. I'm also taking the time to update and correct the older solos. I never really spent much time proof-reading those earlier solos but as others and I have read through them there are some errors. With the updated transcriptions I made my own corrections but if you find any mistakes feel free to email me with your corrections. It would be greatly appreciated. 

  So take a look around, you'll notice a few changes. As you may or may not know these transcriptions are all free and will always be free to download. A lot of people have suggested that I charge a fee or sell them but that's not really my goal. This site isn't a transcription service but a way for students to share in my practice habits. Transcribing solos is a huge part of my practice routine. 

  With that being said, I have added a donation button on the top of the transcription page..so if you'd like to say 'Thank You' in the form of a small donation I'd definitely appreciate it.

Thank you...
Charles McNeal

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